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 James Harvey, the last black Civil War soldier in America moved to Robbins,IL in 1892. He was born 1845 died in Robbins in

 1945 at the age of 100. His son Wm Harvey  was one of founding fathers of Robbins in 1917. A historic headstone now rest on the grave site of James Harvey at the historic  Lincoln Cemetery near Robbins,IL.



 Janet Harmon Bragg (1907-1993)
  Janet was one of the 4 founders and builders
  of the Historic 1931 Robbins All-Black Airport.
   The First Black Airport in America w/Ground,
   Air and Mechanical Aviation training classes
  taught by:
  John C. Robinson (1903-1954) and
  Cornelius R. Coffey (1903-1992)




John C. Robinson (1903-1954)  Pioneer Blk Aviator, seen here went to
teach and command the Ethiopians in
Aviation in 1934. War broke out there in 1935. Robinson return to Chicago to a heros welcome by thousands of New Yorkers and Chicagoians.
Thyrl  Latting, Robbins' Very Own
 Black cowboy with national and international horses and cow Rodeos shows for many years.
All started from Robbins, IL his birth home and
site of his first Ranch Estate.