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   Our Mission and Purpose

The Robbins Historical Society and Museum's mission and purpose is to research, collect, preserve, display and educate the world of the extraordinary history of the people of Robbins, Illinois and it's historic 1931 All-Black Airport.  The first black airport  in U.S. history that was built, owned, and operated by certified African-American aviators in Robbins, IL and is the true embryonic beginnings of the now famous Tuskegee Airmen. Ten original Tuskegee Airmen came from Robbins, IL
The first females and African-American astronauts at NASA owe their careers at NASA to TV/Movie actress Nichelle Nichols who was born in Robbins,IL, her father Samuel Nichols was Mayor of Robbins in 1929 and her grandparents (an interracial couple) settled in Robbins in 1892.

Financial Reports

             The Robbins Historical Society & Museum is a Not-for-Profit 501(c)3                                  Cultural Educational Institution in Robbins, IL  U.S.A. This Robbins
             Historical Society was first established in September 1980.  It was 
             re-established as a museum in 1999 as Robbins Historical Society
             Museum located at 3644 W. 139th ST.  P.O. Box 1561  Robbins, IL 
             The latest financial reports for this organization is filed with the U.S.
             Internal Revenue Service. A request for a copy of the the report can
             be sent to:
                                        Robbins Historical Society & Museum
                                        Attn:  Finance Director
                                        3644 W. 139th ST.  P.O. Box 1561
                                        Robbins, IL  60472







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